Think Modular Housing For 2011

pre-fab is here - and its growing

I have talked about modular housing in the past, on this blog. It is becoming more and more widespread. Each day we see new and more inventive builders.


I can begin to envision modular and pre-fab construction slowly leaking into commercial construction. At some point, public bodies are going to realize the benefits and low risks of pre-fabrication. Its all a matter of time.


Jetson Green is by far and away our favorite green building design blog. The blog is actually edited by an attorney, but focuses mostly on trends in the building industry. As a year end treat, they showcased 20 new pre-fab home designs. I was so into this post that it had me looking for land in Seattle to plop one down.


Check out the design over at their wonderful site. Be sure to add Jetson Green to your Google Reader (or other RSS feed reader).


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    Douglas, I share your enthusiasm for prefab! Glad you liked it and to have you as an active reader.

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    Thanks Preston. Please keep up your amazing work at Jetson Green. The blog is an incredible resource to the green building industry.

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    Douglas, Thanks for your contribution to increasing awareness about Prefab and Jetson Green. Working for a modular manufacturer serving the pacific northwest, we (the industry) need all the good press we can get. Follow me @systemsbuilt

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