Public Contracting: New Laws Aimed At Giving Work To Small Businesses

The SBA unveiled its new women-owned business initiative, last week

There are a few good legislative actions benefiting small and women-owned businesses, which bear mention here at Builders Counsel. One favors small businesses on Washington public works and another favors women-owned small businesses in federal contracts.


Washington’s House Bill 1173 Saves Work For Small Businesses


Our good friend, Mike Purdy, recently discussed the development of a Washington state bill that would amend a portion of the public works law. The amendments would encourage the use of small businesses in specific public works projects across the state.

According to Mike, substitute House Bill 1173 is intended to¬†clean up language in RCW 39.04.155, clarifying the Legislature’s intention to permit the exclusive use of small businesses in particular projects.

Unfortunately, Mike believes that the current proposed language falls short of clearly identifying that public agencies can restrict competition on Limited Public Works to small businesses. Regardless, its clear that the state is fostering protected avenues for small business work.


The Small Business Administration Builds Program For WOSB


The fantastic writers at the Federal Construction Contracting Blog brought us another helpful tidbit today. Edward DeLisle published a blog post on the newly-created Women-Owned Small Business Federal Contract Program, referred to as the WSOB Program.

According to Edward, qualifying businesses were entitled to participate in WSOB as early as February 4, 2011. The WSOB Program will provide greater access to federal contracts for both women-owned, and registered, businesses.

The WSOB Program will be fully implemented over the next several months. According to Edward’s article, the federal government has set a statutory quota that 5% of all federal contracting dollars be set aside for WOSBs.

Both of these developments spell promise for our nation’s small and women-owned businesses.


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