A Brief Green Building Reading Recommendation

The Destiny USA story is quite the tale - read it


Mondays are often hard on the brain. In order to help facilitate an easy Monday, I am going to keep it simple. Read Chris Cheatham’s The Destiny Debacle E-book!

Written over the course of a few weeks, our friend Chris Cheatham produced an easy to read 11-page manual on the Destiny USA project. For those of you who do not know, Destiny USA is a New York development that has failed to meet promised green building goals. The project now faces significant liability for failing to meet the terms of its no interest, federal Green Bonds.

Chris followed this story closely, posting daily on his findings. From failed Green Bond oversight, to a potential conflict of interest for the US Green Building Council, Chris was thorough and insightful.

All of this research culminates in the quick read – The Destiny USA Debacle. Follow this link to access the story on The Green Building Law Update, Chris’ blog. Enjoy your Monday!



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  1. Ken Smith #

    Wow, there are so many resources available to be environmentally friendly when working on construction projects, that there is no excuse for failing to meet promised green building goals. A great resource is McGraw Hill’s new york building construction site. They have all the important information for going green when working on construction projects. They have information on what products are available and what manufacturers are more environmentally friendly. While I currently work with them, they have honestly been a great asset in helping me be “green” with all of my projects and have saved me both time and money. You should definitely take a look.

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