Published: New Developments in Green Construction Law Hits The Shelf

just in time for the holidays, for the green building law lover in your family.


Last Friday, I received my first copy of New Developments in Green Construction Law. The book is one of many in the exciting Inside The Minds¬†series, published by Thomson Reuters’ Aspatore Books. Besides being a wonderful collection of thought essays from leading green building attorneys, this book is special to me because I authored Chapter Two.


Aspatore publishes a number of legal texts as part of their Inside The Minds series. The publisher markets this as a C-Level (CEO, CIO, Partner) line, stating that the series “gives a first-hand look into the leading minds of top business executives and lawyers worldwide.” Well, I don’t know about all that, but I was happy to be a part of this book.


I contributed Chapter Two, entitled Construction Goes “Green:: Adapting to Green Construction Standards And The Laws Behind Them. My chapter looks at the rise of the green building certification¬†organization, how it has impacted construction litigation and has fostered the green building code. Most specifically, the chapter gives an in-depth look at the contractual relationships to green building organizations and the legislative and litigative history behind green building codes. ¬†A summary of the book and other chapters can be found here.


I’d like to extend a thank you to Chris Hill and Chris Cheatham, each of whom allowed me to cite their websites’ vast collection of information. I would also like to thank my son, Axel. That little guy waited just long enough to let me finish my chapter (no joke – I did it all in one day), before arriving a week after the final draft was complete.


New Developments in Green Construction Law was released this month and can purchased through Thomson Reuters’ online store. Many thanks to the published for including me in this volume. It was a blast to reflect on the past few years and really take notice of how green building law has grown.


Thanks to Aspatore!