Solicitation of the Month: Salem Courthouse Square, Salem, Oregon

Courthouse Square gets new life! RFP out for bids.


Remember, Salem Courthouse Square? If you read this blog, its hard to forget. One of the nation’s most infamous LEED projects is back in the news. But this time its because agency heads have decided to rebuild it! This month’s Solicitation of the Month has a history, so lets discuss.


Historically, my SOTM pick has been a new topic on this blog. But Courthouse Square has been a frequent talking point on Builders Counsel. From its concrete safety test failures last year, to the rise of a lawsuit over liability responsibility, to an extensive investigation into the fault of decision makers on the project, Courthouse Square has been a learning experience for everyone in green building law. Now we have something good to talk about when mentioning Courthouse Square – its rebuilding.


Marion County, Oregon has decided to invest in restoring the complex and bus station, located in downtown Salem, Oregon. The agency is looking for a design-build team to oversee design and construction in line with the multitude of engineer testing that it has had accomplished over the past two years.

Proposals are due by Feb. 7, 2012. The team is holding a mandatory conference and site visit at 9:00 (right now! sorry about the late post) at the complex at 555 Court St. N.E., Salem, OR. You can locate the RFP information on the Marion County website.


Best of luck to all bidders!