Save a Legal Fee: Somebody Please Read A Construction Law Blog!

Yep, construction law blogs pump out tons of free construction law education


It’s somewhat remarkable how poorly my colleagues and I rank in the law blog hierarchy. Visits to law blogs are densely packed into technology, criminal justice, constitutional, and intellectual property law blogs. It’s a fact that construction law blogs just don’t attract the heavy loads of law blog visitors. Well, it’s time to start reading them – they can save you money, time and effort.


Avvo, an online lawyers + consumers community that started in Seattle, has a nice little page that aggregates data on law blog visits. Avvo uses Amazon’s Alexa site statistics, one of the best indicators of actual site traffic. Not only does Alexa traffic unique visits, but it also shows regional data that allows you to know where your visitors are coming from. Avvo Top Legal Blogs currently lists 433 total blogs and ranks them based upon their 30 day traffic load.


The statistics show a trend – construction lawyers are not drawing a big crowd. The Builders Counsel is the top ranked construction law blog on the ranking list – topping the charts at……147. Yikes. The wonderful blog of TN attorney Matthew DeVries, Best Practices Construction Law is right behind at 154. The only other construction law blogs that I could find are Construction Law Monitor (from my former law practice, Wolfe Law Group) at 225 and Virginia Real Estate, Land Use & Construction Law Blog (from good friend and VA attorney Tim Hughes) at 316.


There are a number of serious absences on the list.’s Blawgsearch is a good tool for determining the heavily-visited law blogs on the web. Taking a peak at some of the high performers at Justia, finds that these blogs would have squeezed into the Avvo rankings at these slots (as of 4/11/12):


#81 — Construction Law Musings (VA’s Chris Hill has a star studded guest post column)

#101 — Construction Law in North Carolina (always relevant and current from Melissa Brumback)

#186 — Green Building Law Update (Chris Cheatham’s LEED-centric blog)

#243 – K&L Gates Construction Law Blog (from Seattle’s massive K&L Gates)

#280 — Green Real Estate Law (a real estate blog, heavily bent on development, from Stephen Del Percio)

#286 — Ahlers & Cressman Law Blog (this is actually their website, since the blog is embedded)

#293 — Washington Construction Law (from big law’s Davis Wright Tremaine)

#297 — Green Building Law Blog (uber-intelligent Shari Shapiro’s blog)

#353 — Colorado Construction Litigation (always near the top at Justia)


My point is that construction attorneys’ hard (free) work is being underutilized. Each of the well-written blogs above have immense amounts of free legal information and education that can be absorbed quickly by contractors, lawyers, and other professionals in the building industry. One of the remarkable benefits of construction law blogs is that they are free – and they can be accessed from your computer, tablet or even your phone. Searching Google for simple terms like “how to file a lien” will mostly provide you with links to some of the aforementioned law blogs.


Take some time to check out these – and other – law blogs and add them to your daily reader. The amount of free education available is indescribable.



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    Thanks for the props Doug.
    Christopher G. Hill´s last blog post ..Construction Law Musings Hits the Beach

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