Jeffrey Freeman

Jeffrey Freeman is a construction industry veteran. Jeffrey is working as a lawyer and a consultant for over two decades now. He is a hard-working soul and a complete family man. Jeffrey lives with his wife and two daughters. He is a loving and devout husband to his beautiful wife and a doting dad for his two daughters.

As a focussed and accomplished professional in his field, Jeffrey believes in working hard towards his goals and building up the things he loves. The sweet smell of success after having worked hard for it has a special meaning for Jeffrey. If you are someone who enjoys the process and the journey as much as the end result, you will identify with him. In addition, Jeffrey loves immersing himself in learning all about the things he is passionate about.

Despite his busy work life and despite taking time for his family, he has always found time to pursue his passion. Anyone who knows Jeffrey will vouch for his love for tools. He has long been a go-to person for family and friends whenever they have a question about tools or whenever they are looking to remodel their house or looking to replace equipment or buying their first piece of serious machinery.

The time he spends talking about and sharing his experience with tools has long created fun banter at the Freeman dinner table. What makes Jeff a tool geek is not only his passion but also his hands-on experience as well as actually trying out and testing the equipment he uses. One problem he and many enthusiasts seeking his advice have experienced is a lack of detailed and authentic reviews on existing products. Such discussions should

indicate what benefits you are getting for your budget, what to expect while using them, their cost over time, and any other queries you might have. While Jeff spends time finding answers to his questions, he has been helping others to find the answers they were looking for their issues. He spends hours at the garage understanding the tools inside out, testing them, and putting all their features to use. He also invests almost the same amount of time answering each and every question in detail. Both for his friends as well as for fellow enthusiasts online.

Edward Stone

Edward Stone is an established IT professional whose love for tools and machines started with being an avid DIYer. He lives in Sacramento, California, with his family. His home is a DIYer’s dream. The big house has a beautiful garden, which Edward shares with his family and two dogs. Being a homeowner’s pride, the house contains an impressive garage where all kinds of tools and equipment can be found. DIY stems from his love for creating things, be it codes, programs, software, or any of his hardware projects. With his continuous experiments, testing, and documenting the tests, Edward now knows more than most professionals. He has worked with and tested all kinds of tools right from framing nailers to chain saws. This IT man in love with hardware and equipment loves creating beautiful websites too.

His journey and his undying love for tools started when he ended up on a website for garage equipment, while he was looking for something for a project a few years ago. He then started trying and testing different kinds of equipment, while using them himself and documenting his own experience. He not only learned all about their features and cost but dug deep and studied their pros and cons under various conditions and continuous use. He tested each feature, durability, brand claims, and pros & cons (things potential customers want to know before buying any equipment). As he went on testing one equipment after the other, he got an idea. He thought of creating a website that could act as a repository for all knowledge and information Edward has amassed. He knew from his own experience the value authentic reviews, real-life tests, and user experiences have for both enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Though he is an expert himself now, he still takes time to scour the world wide web for both learnings about experiences of other enthusiasts, professionals, and self-taught experts like him. Every single piece of equipment or tool Edward gives tips on has passed his tests.

How They Met

The passion for tools, equipment, and building things led to Jeff & Edward’s first meeting and subsequent friendship, as both of them spent a lot of time learning and sharing the knowledge they were active on several online forums. They met on an online forum for tools & equipment. Afterward, they stayed in touch and continued exchanging notes like most people do when they meet someone as passionate about something as they are.

They had a lot to discuss, starting from their DIY projects and the home improvements they had done to the tools they liked or disliked. They also realized they had enough knowledge to share with other enthusiasts and professionals alike. Both Jeff and Edward had faced a lack of credible information and reliable reviews, and they knew from experience why a user review is as critical as an expert’s review. After a while, the two California natives finally met and hit it off instantly. Both Edward and Jeff had been contemplating an online outlet to share their knowledge. Edward had shown Jeff the websites he had built. Jeff loved the sites and Edward’s work. He and Edward then discussed creating their website.

They finally launched the website. The website will help them share their experience, tips, and passion for tools. It is just the right place for professionals, DIYers, enthusiasts, or anyone looking to buy new equipment with the authentic reviews & pros & cons that Jeff & Edward share on the website. They are reviewing every product existing on the site, from power tools to plasma cutters.

You can trust their reviews to buy the best product for your budget and needs.

Reach out to them for any questions on the reviewed products, and they will be more than happy to help you out.