Best Electric Lawn Mowers You Can Buy

In this write-up, we’ll be studying at the best electric lawn mowers on the marketplace. They can make more easy work in the garden. Are you wondering what you must know before buying one?

By the time you do the analysis, you’ll know if an electric one is the right solution for your yard, as well as which design is the most efficient suited for your requirements.

You will find two main types of electric lawn mowers: battery-powered as well as corded. The outcomes have been separated based upon these two categories. We’ll evaluate them based upon their cutting power, functions, charge period, and general simplicity of usage.

Whatever your specific scenario is, for finding the best electric lawn mower, there are electric choices. They bring you less sound, less upkeep, lower cost of purchase, and also are more straightforward than gas is.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers 

We’ll debate power result, durability, weight, cutting height, deck size, and also several various other essential factors that aided us to determine which is the best electric lawn mower for the money.

There are two primary sorts of electric mowers: battery-powered as well as corded. The results have been separated based upon these two groups.

First of all, we will debate about the battery-powered best lawn electric mowers as they are a lot more hassle-free. Every one of the cordless mowers covered use lithium-ion batteries and also brushless electric motors as they provide substantial advantages in:

  • power output
  • time to charge
  • battery use effectiveness
  • usage time

Cordless Lawn Mowers Reviews

1. GreenWorks G-MAX PRO 80V 21-Inch

Best Battery-Powered Lawn Mower

While just about every electric lawn mower around tells you to avoid wet turf, this system did reasonably well. The rate from the 80V brushless electric motor was more than instead to ensure an also cut.


  • Cutting capability: 21-inch cut.
  • Battery: 2 – 2AH 80V Li-Ion.
  • Dual blades: No.
  • Auto battery switch-over: Yes.
  • Weight: 62lbs.
  • Billing time: 30min (2Ah battery) 60 minutes (4Ah battery).
  • I am trimming time: 70 mins making use of both batteries.
  • Guarantee: 4 Years.

Numerous electric lawn mowers require the engine rate to develop enough suction to bag all of the turf clippings, however, invariably, this was just a problem in the segments of our yard as well as I found that by decreasing striking those patches it assisted tremendously.

The G-MAX PRO comes with two 2.0 Ah batteries and conveniently handled our 1/2+ acre yard with lots of cost staying.

The G-MAX uses bagging, mulching, as well as side-discharge options. With all this capability, you’ll never miss out on the oil modifications, sound, as well as gas fumes of your old gas-powered lawnmower.


I was extremely pleased with both the mulching and also capturing functions of this best cordless electric lawnmower.

The G-MAX PRO did not worry about the massive bulk of our yard.

  • Navigating the G-MAX is very simple. The 8″ front wheels as well as 10″ rear wheels integrated with its overall lightweight makes maneuvering about things and getting it into tighter areas a wind.
  • The only moment I noticed the generator bogging down was when cutting the higher, denser lawn on a humid day. At this moment, it wanted two slower passes where my old gas-powered device might’ve to need just one.

If you go with the 4Ah battery, you can expect a longer run-time, around 50-60 minutes. This battery takes about 60 mins to the entire bill.

Among the significant advantages of an electric lawn mower is the capacity to keep them vertically. The G-MAX PRO folds up easily and shops rapidly. At nearly 62lbs, you most expected will not be tossing it up on a rack. Once folded up, it occupied less than half the area of my old gas model.

To be reasonable, the brushless electric motor power sensing function was consistent throughout all the versions we tested. Just slowing down before you strike a thicker lawn will assist reduce the trouble.

While the GreenWorks provides somewhat much less power than the 82V Snapper, it is still powerful. It is available in at 28lbs lighter and also uses comparable run-time. There is no much difference to a gas mower as anything I’ve investigated.

The only various other points I would like to see is a self-propelled model. Since now, there’s not one readily available though GreenWorks claims it remains in the works.

There are a few areas that expand pretty thick as well as these needed the 2nd claim when catching, but still, my great gas mower seldom battled in these locations.

Warranty Report

GreenWorks offers a four-year service warranty, with a two-year service warranty on the lithium-ion batteries. The brushless motor includes a 10-year service warranty, which is just one of the very best benefits of this specific system.

The G-MAX PRO is detailed as having a 35 min run-time per 2Ah battery, and I was able to press it a bit beyond that to complete both my front and also garden. It includes two batteries, and even each takes 30 minutes to charge. So if you’re continually billing the 2nd one, you can nearly run throughout the day.

The Cons

  • Like many lawnmowers that use brushless electrical engines, the G-MAX can sense power demands and allows extra juice when required. While this sounds like a great function the driver has no other way of recognizing it will experience a thicker lawn.
  • Like the majority of mowers in this rate classification, the G-MAX PRO makes use of a brushless electric motor for exceptional torque, integrity, and also, of course, battery performance.
  • As expected, the side-discharge works fantastic, yet this isn’t much of an examination. I was amazed by both the bagging as well as the mulching capability. Also, in the taller lawn, both features carried out truly well.

Generally speaking, you need to compromise toughness to conserve weight, yet the G-MAX PRO utilizes a steel set that can control the cutting and tumble of nearly any yard.

In addition to our 2nd place choice, the Snapper XD, the GreenWorks G-Max offers outstanding performance.

The deck height uses seven various levels and can promptly be adjusted, making use of a single lever.

This very same system works with all the items across the GreenWorks PRO line. The reason for all this control is an 80V lithium-ion battery operation.


  • In concerns to upholding, all you have to do is hone the blades seasonally and also charged the batteries when it’s not being used.
  • The certainty that it folds up and can be stored vertically shows it occupies little room in your garage. At 62lbs, it is an excellent bit lighter than other lawns.

Together with the 82V Snapper XD, the G-Max PRO 80V is the closest thing on the marketplace to a traditional gas-powered engine. Starting it up is as straightforward as pressing a button. You’ll be amazed at exactly how quiet it is. You can chat on the phone while utilizing this lawnmower.

2. Snapper XD SXDWM82K 82V 21.” 

In 2nd place by just a nose is the Snapper XD. It’s 82V power supply uses reducing efficiency that closely matches the first place Greenworks and also gas-powered lawnmowers.

The principal reason I have got in the 2nd area is that it’s 10lbs or so more substantial than the Greenworks although it provides very comparable performance.

The Pros

This battery-powered lawn mower is the first that we have evaluated that offers efficiency that is on-par with those using a conventional gas engine.

As well as it holds everything it does consist of:

  • superb mulching capabilities
  • steel deck much more sturdy than the plastic of the competitors
  • bags like a traditional gas-powered mower
  • presses via thicker as well as even damp lawn

It can take mulching, side-discharge, and bagging. We did observe that when getting, you’re not going to obtain the very same quantity of suction just like a gas engine, so there were more trimmings left behind than we would certainly such as. Decreasing in thicker areas improves the bagging.

If you’re trying to find an electric mower that provides similar performance to your existing gas-powered unit, look no further. The Snapper surprised us with its performance, ability to move, and also length run-time.

  • I was seriously amazed at the performance of the Snapper.

As well as regarding upkeep, all you need to do is hone the blades annually and remove the batteries when it’s not being used.

The Snapper offers an 82V lithium-ion battery coupled with a Briggs & Stratton brushless electric motor. It permits the Snapper to sense the power requirements of the lawnmower “on-the-fly.”

The Cons

  • This additional power and strength building do come with extra weight. While the EGO Power+ tips the ranges at 65lbs, the Snapper is available in 50% higher at 90lbs.
  • To do this, it uses difficult artificial intelligence (AI) constructed right into the electric motor.

While this appears complicated, it translates to more power when you need it as well as much less when you do not. It likewise helps extend the cost life of the battery enabling this unit to manage larger backyards than it’s rivals.


The Snapper is an additional excellent alternative to a traditional gas-powered engine. Equally, as with the G-Max, the only time it stalled was when reducing exceptionally high lawn on a damp day. At this moment, it called for two slower passes where a gas engine would certainly need only one.


  • Cutting ability: 21-inch cut.
  • Battery: 2.0 Ah and 82V lithium battery
  • Automobile battery switch-over: Yes.
  • Double blades: No.
  • Cutting time: 45 mins.
  • They are charging time: half an hour (2.0 Ah battery).
  • Weight: 90lbs.

This set is on the level with gas-powered mowers for pressure. If this is an argument, you could wish to consider their self-propelled version.

Changing the reducing elevation is exceptionally very easy, as well as can be ready for seven different degrees.

Best Corded Electric Lawn Mowers

1. Black & Decker MM2000 13-Amp Corded Mower

The cutting elevation is adjustable to seven various settings in between 1 1/2″ and also 4″. All four wheels are adjusted at the very same time using the bar positioned on the top of the motor housing.

The Black & Decker corded lawn mower is an outstanding choice for anybody with a reasonably little yard. It offers a lot of power for reducing thicker lawns, terrific wheelchair, and versatility in interests to trimmings distribution.

The 20″ reducing deck is long-lasting and houses a 19″ reducing blade. The 13 amp motor is capable enough to manage just about any grass. That said, you’ll intend to take it to reduce with thicker turfs as the blade will start to slow down as well as you’ll notice unevenly cut places.


  • Motor: 13 amp
  • Reducing ability: 20-inch cut
  • Twin blades: No
  • Elevation Positions: 7
  • Weight: 53lbs
  • Weight: 53lbs
  • Deck Material: steel
  • Folding layout for simple storage
  • Tires: 10 inch rear, 7-inch front

It’s 13 amp lawn mower is sufficient enough to deal with most yards, and it folds up rather tiny for storage space. Overall it’s a fantastic device.

Final Thoughts

The GreenWorks came in very first for a couple of significant reasons, consisting of the steel cutting deck and also the reasonably lightweight of 53 pounds. It’s a long-lasting choice for a person relocating to their very first corded mower.

It supplies the comfort of mulching, rear-bagging as well as side discharge, permitting you to take care of your yard clipping as you please.

The Black & Decker offers the superb experience to move with 10″ rear wheels and also 7″ front wheels, making it easier to browse around flower beds and even trees, and also to cross the unequal surface.

This tireless mower is remarkably lightweight at 53 extra pounds as well as it comes with a four-year warranty.

2. Sun Joe Mow Joe 20-Inch 12-Amp

The Sunlight Joe comes with a two-year service warranty and is the eco-friendly option for electric lawn mower brushing you’ve been searching for. No fuel, oil, fumes, or drawcords. And also, you will not have to take it to the look for a new ignition system and even tune-up.

With a 20-inch path and also seven-position, hand-operated height adjustment, you’ll be able to make your yard look as you imagined.

Utilize the Sunlight Joe MJ408E for yard reducing with side discharge, for mulching or make use of the 14.5-gallon rear-collection bag to deal with yard clippings. You’ll assume all your lawn-care tasks with little time out for support.

It’s ideal for small yards, and also medium-sized backyards as well as will undoubtedly handle tight lawn with its 12-amp electric motor. Naturally, with this corded electrical design, the startup is instant. All you must do is press the button.


  • Reducing capacity: 20-inch cut
  • Motor: 12 amp
  • Cable: Strong
  • Elevation Positions: 7
  • Weight: 52lbs
  • Folding layout for easy storage space
  • Removable Bag: yes
  • Deck Product: plastic
  • Wheels: 10 inch rear, 7-inch front
  • Warranty: 2 Years

When you trim for the very first time with the SunJoe MJ408E, you’ll wonder why you didn’t pick an electrical mower earlier. You have no pull cable, no gas, and also much less noise. However, you also get the advantage of a lawnmower that will do the job; however, it considers 52 extra pounds. It includes a suitable two-year guarantee and even 12 Amp motor so that you can use it with satisfaction. No bothering with replacement or repair at any time soon.

The 20-inch cut will undoubtedly enable you to cover yards as much as medium size without spending a whole day doing it. Select from among seven cutting-height settings as well as gain from the large, grass-catching bag for ease.